Nathaniel Morris has devoted his life to the study of medicinal plants.  

His early work with rare cannabinoids helped bring CBD into mainstream medicine.  

Now he is working with the lesser-known compounds that make up the peyote entourage.  

Using biometric sensors, he is making some amazing discoveries around microdosing and the new psychedelic movement.

"10 years ago, CBD was a little-known cannabinoid. The peyote entourage contains 50+ unstudied alkaloids with similar potential."

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Smiths Falls council endorses proposed cannabis pilot project

"If Nathaniel Morris, who has dedicated his professional life to researching rare cannabinoids, has his way, Smiths Falls could become a cannabis laboratory of sorts.

His plan: the creation of a cannabis pilot project where regulations being considered by the federal or provincial government could be tested in town.

In essence, it would turn the town into a real-world laboratory where the impacts of cannabis regulation could be tested and addressed."

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Smiths Falls’ 200-year history with cannabis

"Smiths Falls’ history with cannabis didn’t begin with Tweed. In fact, it began 200 years ago.

Nate Morris, a self-professed history and cannabis nerd, has been dedicating his professional life to researching rare cannabinoids.


His path to researching cannabis has brought him to Smiths Falls, what he calls the “cannabis capital.”

"Nate has been growing cannabis since he was 12 years old and has earned his position as one of the world’s most known cannabis connoisseurs.


He is most famous for his television roles on PBS and the Discovery Channel show, Weed Country, where he helped treat a child’s epilepsy with cannabis oil high in cannabidiol (CBD).


As a leading expert in cannabis cultivation and politics, his thoughts are always intriguing and seemingly at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement."