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Creativity Mesearch, a how-to guide

Updated: Jan 23

Studies have shown that 24% of people who use recreational cannabis report increased creativity/expressiveness. Scientifically analyzing how cannabis/peyote is affecting your creative process is perhaps the most challenging form of mesearch. Creativity is not something that is easily quantified. It is undeniable that cannabis use is notorious among artists and creative people.

Blog cover photo from Peyote Lab. Creativity Mesearch, a how-to guide
Creativity Mesearch

Researchers studying creativity have coined the term creative flow state. Creative people often develop individual systems to help them think creatively. The specifics vary wildly, but there is a pattern of behavior that creative people adopt to help facilitate their creativity.

The best way I could describe the effect of the marijuana and hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative..”

Steve Jobs

​People tend to intuitively find a process of achieving a creative flow state. I think that it is not so different from other trance-like states. Creative thought processes tend to be immersive, not unlike the martial artist's idea of no-mind, or the athlete’s sense of total immersion in the activity.

Some cannabis/peyote products appear to help people access their creative potential. I think that the explanation for this is that cannabis/peyote helps people achieve a creative flow state, in much the same way it helps with the rhythmic entrainment process. One study found “while cannabis users appear to demonstrate enhanced creativity, these effects are an artifact of their heightened levels of openness to experience.”

There is a rhythmic component to a creative flow state. Once you know to look for it, the observation jumps out at you. Most creative people prefer music, tap their feet, or otherwise exhibit rhythmic motions while engaged in creative thinking.

The first step to this type of mesearch is to create your own idea of an ideal creative workplace and routine. Reflect on times when you have felt at peak creativity in the past. Think about how you can recreate the conditions that are typically present, and do your best to structure a routine that makes time for creative work. Think of this as your mesearch laboratory.

Wear a heart rate monitor and go through your creative thinking routine without any cannabis/peyote to establish a baseline. Creativity mesearch is hit or miss, as it is not quantifiable, but you know it when you experience it. And you know it when you don't. See if there is any difference in your heart rate during your most successful sessions and your least successful, those times when your creative output is flat.

People often find that some cannabis/peyote products and methods of ingestion allow their minds to race. For some people this is an unpleasant experience; for others, it is the best possible outcome. Make an effort to be self-aware of how you are responding to the cannabis/peyote, and pay attention to any rhythmic component to your response.

Even for people who find cannabis/peyote enormously helpful for their creative process, typically some things work better than others. Some cannabis/peyote products, methods of ingestion, and doses will have a pattern of not helping at all. As you methodically test different products you can look for these patterns. With time you will have enough data to make some good predictions about what is most likely to be helpful, and what you should avoid.

If you have questions about cannabis and peyote, check out the FAQ and use the search tool to find the answers you are looking for. If you are considering trying mesearch, Mesearch 101 is the place to get started. If you are interested in purchasing peyote or participating in future research, visit www.PeyoteAcution.com for more information.

I want to again remind everyone that I am not a doctor, and this is not intended to be medical advice. For those of you who are going to be using peyote and cannabis anyway, I hope that you are inspired to take a more scientific approach. Always talk to your health care professional before attempting any mesearch experiments.

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