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Has the spiritual and mental health aspects of peyote use been studied scientifically?

Updated: Jan 23

You may be inclined to think that spiritual experiences are something that is beyond the reach of science. Indeed, profound / life-changing spiritual experiences are elusive and tend not to be the type of thing that can be reliably repeated in laboratory settings. Peyote is different!

Blog cover photo from Peyote Lab. Has the spiritual and mental health aspects of peyote use been studied scientifically?
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While more research is still needed, there are some extraordinary findings that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

“Many respondents (35–50%) rated the mescaline experience as the single or top five most spiritually significant or meaningful experience(s) of their lives. Acute experiences of psychological insight during their mescaline experience were associated with increased odds of reporting improvement in depression, anxiety, AUD and DUD.”


Some scientifically minded people tend to roll their eyes at the very idea that spirituality is worthy of scientific study. I think that peyote and cannabis can be a powerful tool to help us use science to understand spiritual experiences. The feeling of "connectedness" associated with these experiences is part of a real neurological mechanism called rhythmic entrainment. To learn more about rhythmic entrainment, check out: The Centrality of Rhythm.

If you have questions about cannabis and peyote, check out the FAQ and use the search tool to find the answers you are looking for. If you are considering trying mesearch, Mesearch 101 is the place to get started. If you are interested in purchasing peyote or participating in future research, visit www.PeyoteAcution.com for more information.

I want to again remind everyone that I am not a doctor, and this is not intended to be medical advice. For those of you who are going to be using peyote and cannabis anyway, I hope that you are inspired to take a more scientific approach. Always talk to your health care professional before attempting any mesearch experiments.

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