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Why is peyote rare?

Updated: Jan 23

I know what you're thinking...If peyote is legal, why don't more people do it?

Blog cover photo from Peyote Lab. Why is peyote rare?
Peyote At Risk

In the wild, peyote can take 25 years to mature, making it one of the slowest growing plants on earth. Peyote is now at risk of becoming an endangered species in the wild.

“In our plant lab in Canada, we use specially developed grafting and organic horticulture techniques to increase the growth rate, but it can still take years to grow a peyote cactus..”

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The reasons peyote is at risk of becoming an endangered species is decades of poaching and land development. Now, a new threat is emerging, as climate change affects extreme habitats first and worst. Like the polar bears, climate change threatens to eventually kill off the last remaining wild peyote specimens.

Peyote Lab is building a world-class genetics collection, using only specimens that were grown from seed and sourced from private collections. This does not impact wild populations in any way. The goal is to catalog and preserve every peyote variety. This facilitates the study of unique chemotypes found in specimens across its vast native range. This research is done both to preserve the species, and better understand the peyote entourage effect.

If you have questions about cannabis and peyote, check out the FAQ and use the search tool to find the answers you are looking for. If you are considering trying mesearch, Mesearch 101 is the place to get started. If you are interested in purchasing peyote or participating in future research, visit www.PeyoteAcution.com for more information.

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